Tuesday 14 May 2013

About the Artist

Maruthi, a blessed artist, does his ‘tapasya’ or ‘meditation’ (which is ‘painting’ in his words) from the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He was born in Pudukottai, a small town in Tamil Nadu. He is a self-made artist and his passion for painting has driven him for more than 54 years now. 

Maruthi specializes in water color and oil paintings and has done freelance work for popular Tamil magazines like Ananda Vikatan, Kumudam for more than 50 years now. Also, he accepts orders for customized oil paintings or portraits from individuals as well as organizations. His vast portfolio comprises of portraits, figurative, landscapes, illustrations and so on.

An Inspiring Journey

Maruthi started painting when he was seven years old and continued to do so without his parents’ encouragement. However, the artist in him grew up along with him. His determination to make a mark for himself in the field of arts and prove to the world propelled him to come to Chennai when he was just 19.

In his struggling years, Maruthi used to collect anything ranging from road side garbage to wall posters as reference material for his practice. He got a job in a poster designing firm and started his career painting film posters. Gradually, he went on to do freelancing for tamil magazines like Kumudam, Anada Vikatan. 

From being a rebel in a middleclass orthodox family from a village to a runaway struggling artist in a big city and finally to a successful artist, Maruthi has surely undergone a long, difficult yet extremely inspiring journey
A Passionate Artist

Maruthi is inspired by the late eminent artist, Mr Madhavan whom he considers as his guru. He used to follow Madhavan’s paintings when he was honing as skills as an artist. He also used to admire and follow Artist R Natarajan’s style of painting landscapes and portraits.

Maruthi has high regards for his seniors like Gopulu, Maniam, Silpi and Sundharam. He values his fans a lot more than the awards and honors he has received so far. 

An avid reader and a popular personality in the circle of Tamil art lovers, Maruthi has a huge fan following in Tamil Nadu. He also holds a special place in the hearts of Tamils settled in different parts of the world. His love for art has touched many people’s lives and hearts. 

He is specially known for creating beautiful ladies on the cover pages of popular Tamil monthly magazines like Kanmani and Penmani. A fact that draws special mention here is that Maruthi has been painting for the cover page illustrations for the Tamil magazine, Kanmani for the past twenty seven years, since the time the magazine has been in the market.

Contact Details:
Tel.: 044-24939560
E-mail: maruthiartist@yahoo.com


  1. I had an opportunity to be with Maruthy when I was jobless during 70s, my inclination towards the art was given shapes by regularly meeting him watching his techniques both in water amd oil colours, then I did many oil painting under the guidence of Mr.Maruthy, we both exhibited our works in VTI during 70s, those days are nostalgic, still remain green in my memory, Several time I admired his skills for imagination to be turned out to be on canvass. He is not only artist he has knowledge from philosophy to polittics.besides all this he is very good humanbeing
    I wish him long and prosperous life
    Janardhanan. 9884324010

  2. Dear Mr. Maruthi,
    I got to notice your work very recently from Penmani and Kanmani magazine which I picked up as free copies from the Chennai Book Fair. Your art work is so real like actual photographs. The expressions and light effect with shadows on the subjects are highlights of your work. I want to visit your studio and would like to observe you painting. You are not only gifted but talented to bring the beauty. Your female subjects are so cute if for real I would fall in love in a heart beat. I noticed in one novel that appeared in one of the magazine, you pained daughter and mother with resemblance to each other with distinct age difference. Mixing of the colors to bring the brightness and smooth with no patch. I am awed!

  3. அஹா வாழ்த்துகள் மாருதி சார்..

    நான் பல்லாண்டு காலமா உங்க ஃபேன் :)

  4. I used yo know him when i was in Lakshmi Lodge, Royapetta high Road. A gentleman, loving human being. May him live long.
    H. Ramakrishnan

  5. I used yo know him when i was in Lakshmi Lodge, Royapetta high Road. A gentleman, loving human being. May him live long.
    H. Ramakrishnan

  6. i would like to suggest one leading tamil magazine here Tamil Magazine

  7. Sir, My name is T.R. Srinivasa prasad from Hosur, Tamilnadu. From my childhood days to now I'm your big fan. I was fascinated of your portrait arts, Specifically the women are looking traditional and beautiful also. Congratulations for creating masterpieces in painting.

  8. Dear Maaruthi sir, From my childhood days to now I'm your big fan. The women in your paintings are so beautiful and traditional also. Please draw seetha Rama Kalyanam art for us. Srinivasa prasad T. R.Hosur, Tamilnadu.phone 094425 33899

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  10. am eager to met Maruthi sir ! I want to talk to sir. Contact number plz